Krasnobor (founded in 2000) is the biggest turkey meat producer in Russia. Krasnobor gives the high priority to ecological safety of its products and maintains strict veterinary policies, which earned the company a QSC Ecological Certificate, an international Halal Certificate, a HACCP FSSC 2000 Certificate, and ISO 22000:2005.

Krasnobor’s monthly production output is 1,700 tonnes, while the annual is 21,000 tonnes. The company’s partners include METRO Cash & Carry, Auchan, Globus, Selgros, and Billa.
Krasnobor’s products are also exported to Japan, Vietnam, Azerbaijan, Benin, Gabon, Tunisia, Hong Kong, Congo, Togo, Equatorial Guinea, Angola, Ghana, and some EU countries. Furthermore, the company has successfully passed the audit process necessary for export to Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and UAE. The audit for a permission to export to Bahrain is planned on May 2018.

Products: The range of over 80 titles including turkey meat, prepared turkey meat products, a wide range of mince, smoked meat, and sausages (dry-cured and raw-smoked).