The opening of the Eurasian Business Forum 2018

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Dear friends! Today in honor of the opening of the Eurasian Business Forum 2018, which is held in the capital of the Kingdom of Bahrain in Manama a gala dinner was held in The Ritz-Carlton hotel! This event was opened with the speech of Sheikha Deya bint Ibrahim Al-Khalifa the representative of the royal family of the kingdom of Bahrain. The forum participants tasted excellent dishes by the chef of Ritz Hotel’s restaurant complex, while a bahrainian musician was performing from the stage, playing on traditional musical instrument called Qanun. During the dinner, participants exchanged contact information with each other and discussed the prospects of future cooperation concerning following fileds of business: Culture, education, energy, medicine, tourism and the jurisdictions of the future. We may say that the forum has begun and we hope that in the future it will help to create long-term and mutually beneficial relations.

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